Online Pos – The gift for businesses
Is point of sales a gift for businesses? Yes absolutely it had made many changes in the businesses, but the small businesses still think whether they need this point of sales equipments due to cost of it. So to overcome this, developers had build online applications such that the financial investment would be much less. With online pos you don’t need any specialized screens and also Products can be added to a customer’s order both manually or using a barcode scanner.

Multiple options give retailers the ability to sort and organize store inventory using product categories and attributes. Various reports track profitability over time, displaying the most popular products, and showing trends. Reports can be exported using Microsoft Excel and other common formats.
There is also an option to integrate credit card processing along with online pos and it has the ability to help operate and manage hundreds of retail stores, the online POS service hopes to serve as a jack of all trades for businesses with room to grow. You can also enhance a web based cash register and can promote your business in a best way.
Shop Your Point of Sales Product in Online with Ease

Most of the retail shop owners and businesses would be thinking day by day on how to maintain and increase the productivity of their shops and businesses. It’s so easy if you have equipped your point of sales with best pos equipments. Now many pos products dealers have made shopping easy through online and made you’re shopping so easy. The myth is that people think that purchasing through online increase the cost. Absolutely no if you shop online with the seller who sells in industry best price.

Point of Sales

You can shop all your point of sales needs with ease and in best price through quick time with quality products and varieties. You can also order all your pos products and can ask questions while you shop in their website. Come on, varieties of point of sale products are available, make your shop or business equipped with these latest products and make your customers satisfied..

Why is POS Software best for Restaurants and Retail stores?

POS software is well known in retail sector and also equally more useful for restaurant stores. These sectors differ in ways where the basics of replenishing stock, receiving payment and issuing receipts remain constant. POS software is used in multiple locations. The barcodes in system feeds back information to stock systems to keep stock levels and records up to date. The software is able to identify which member of staff is accessing the system and allow the staff member to update any of the customer files allocated to that staff member.

The familiar barcode system isn’t always applicable in the restaurant situation. However, by simply assigning a barcode to each of the items on the menu it is possible to adapt the barcode system to a restaurant environment, scanning the individual items with the barcode reader. An alternative is to assign keys and key codes to a register and transfer the information. The software also runs on a variety of operating systems for Macs or PCs.


Why is POS Software best for Restaurants as well as Retail stores?

It helps to calculate the total cost of purchases, update inventory and allowing the stock levels of any item to be monitored. Accounts and book keeping are also instantly updated. It may also be useful for drinks in particular as well as providing useful information on the most popular dishes for future planning.

POS software is very easy to use and modify to meet the individual needs of any r restaurant business. Changes in pricing or menus are easy to carry out and a change on one of the terminals can instantly be shared with all other terminals. Inventory changes are also very simple to initiate, allowing for changes of menu as the business needs.

POS software helps to benefit the large retail and restaurant shops which incorporate the ability of exporting data to a remote site such as a distribution point or warehouse. POS systems are customizable for the needs of every business. The applications available from point of sale systems are expandable as the needs of the business change.

VLINE LED Barcode Scanner


VLINE LED Barcode Scanner suggests class foremost performance at an entry level cost. It is the perfect choice for those on a tight budget. The plug’n’play VLINE barcode scanner integrates with practically all point of sale systems. It has no moving parts and its lightweight ergonomic design makes the VLINE Barcode Scanner ideal for extended periods of use.



Engine: Linear Imaging

Light Source: Red LED (660nm) 60mm Array Width

Optical Sensor: 2088 pixels CCD Arrays

Processing Unit: 16 bit MCU

Depth of Field:  .00” to 4.3” @ 15.6 mil

Resolution: 4 mil

Scanning Angle: Pitch ± 60o Skew ± 60o

Scan Rate: 200 scans per second

Largest Readable Label Width: 4.7”

Ambient Light Rejection: 10000Lux/Max (Fluorescent Light)


Autosense Mode: Yes

Supported Symbologies: Code 39/Full ASCII, Codabar, Industrial 2 of 5, Interleave 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, Code 93, Code 128, Code 32, EAN 128, MSI, EAN 8 &13, UPC-A & E, Plessey, DataBar14

Programmable Features: Code ID, Prefix Code, Postfix Code, Length Code, Barcode Type, Buzzer Frequency, ISBN/ISSN/CLSI/UK Plessey Conversion, Keyboard Layout, Inter-Character Delay, Scanning Mode, Time out, Baud Rate, Data Bit, Transmission Mode, Character Replace

Configuration: Windows® based utility


Weight: 5.1 oz with cable

Housing: ABS

Dimensions: 6.7”(L) x 2.6”(W) x 2.2(H)

Color: Black


POWER CONSUMPTION: <160 mA (Operation) <750 mA (Surge Power)


Temperature: 32degree – 122degree F

Humidity: 20% – 85% non-condensing (operation)

Shock Resistance: Withstands multiple drops from 6.5’ onto a concrete surface

WARRANTY: 3 Year Limited


Guidelines to buy pos receipt printer for your business
Barcode scanner types

Barcode scanners are the vital part of product scanning done at POS (Point of sale systems) stations at retail shops and restaurants.

Handheld scanners are very commonly used in checkout lines. These barcode scanners have a handle and a trigger button which when pressed will signal the LED or laser to take the reading of the item.

Pen-type Barcode Scanner - As the name goes, these barcode scanners resemble a ball pen and have a light source and a photo diode at the tip of the scanner. This method only has a LED light source and a sensor to capture its reflection. These types of scanner are widely used because they are less expensive and quite easy to maintain. The pen-type readers are available in different resolutions so as to read barcodes of different shapes and sizes.

Laser Barcode Scanner - The laser barcode scanner is similar to a pen-type barcode scanner in the manner of its working. Laser scanners obviously use laser beams as a source of light and reciprocating mirror or rotating prism for detecting the reflected light. Using laser allows reading of distant and wide bar code labels. Laser scanners are the most acceptable type of scanners as they are known for their operational efficiency.

CCD Barcode Scanner - CCD is the acronym for Charge-Coupled Device that is a semiconductor device used in this type of barcode scanner. The CCD barcode scanner consists of an array of tiny sensors placed at the tip of the scanner.

Camera-Based barcode Scanner – These barcode scanners are a recent innovation.
Sophisticated digital image processing techniques are used for decoding the barcode of came-based barcode scanner. A tiny digital camera is housed inside the scanner and this camera directly captures the image of the barcode.
POS hardware POS software things to look when buying point of sale systems

Benefits of using POS software and POS hardware for restaurants
All in one touch pc - EVO TP4

All in one touch pc - EVO TP4 TouchPC Series has been expanded to include a lower-cost option. TP4A is an extremely well performing fan less computer. It sets a new standard by offering:
  • Enterprise class builds quality
  • The latest in fan less processing
  • Touch screen technology
  • TP4A is both dust and splash resistant


  • 15” 5-Wire Resistive Touchscreen
  • Truly fanless design • IP54 Rating—Dust/Water resistant
  • Die-cut aluminum alloy frame
  • 3-Year Advanced Replacement Protection


  • Processor: Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 1 or 2GB DDRII
  • Hard Drive: 160GB HDD or 32GB SSD
  • LAN: Onboard 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
  • Video: Integrated Intel GMA 3150 128MB
  • I/O Ports: 4 x USB, 4 x RS232, Parallel
  • O/S: None / XP Pro / POSReady / Windows 7 
  • Additional: VGA output